Stress relaxation test system for continuous measurement of rubber in either compression or tension

Do you want to know the estimated lifetime of your rubber materials, or compare the aging properties between different rubber materials? An effective way is to run tests with stress relaxation according to ISO 3384. Until 31 December 2023 we offer a promotional price on lifetime estimation, see the fact box.

Barofix 4 – automatic O-ring positioning device

Bareiss now launches Barofix 4 – the next generation of high-accuracy specimen positioning device which is designed as an add-on accessory for the Bareiss flagship hardness testing system the digi test II.

Binder’s ECO range is growing

Binder’s ECO range is growing all the time and maintains a focus not just on precision, but also on an eco-friendly ethos and energy efficiency. Our KB ECO and KBF-S ECO product lines are shining examples of just how it does that. With optimized thermoelectric cooling technology and patented heat dissipation, Binder cooling incubators and climate chambers are among the most energy-efficient units on today’s market.

Different laboratory cutting mills

Cutting mills are ideal for comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle, fibrous, tough or temperature-sensitive materials as well as plastics and for preparation of heterogeneous mixtures.

LabTop – a new series of hydraulic presses

Fontijne Presses announces the new product introduction of the LabTop presses, a compact table top hydraulic press for demanding applications and automated use.

Meet Elastocon in stand F:28 at Plastteknik Nordic 2023

Our experts present Elastocon's wide range of testing equipment for material testing of plastic, rubber, metal, textile, building materials, paint and more, from several well-known manufacturers that we represent in the Nordics.

Conference about material testing at Elastocon

Elastocon invites you to a conference/exhibition about material testing. The conference is free of charge and will be held at Elastocon's premises in Brämhult, Borås 29–31 March 2023. The conference will be combined with webinars from manufacturers we represent.

The new EC 17 Windows application for determination of the temperature-retraction characteristics of stretched vulcanized rubber (TR test).

Elastocon’s proprietary low temperature testers have received completely new Windows applications for TR, Gehman and brittleness testing.

A new generation of Q-FOG cyclic corrosion testers

Q-Lab's new generation of Q-FOG cyclic corrosion testers now feature dual color touchscreens and 17 different languages. Also, a Top-mounted Swaying Shower Bar (TSSB) functionality is now available for the the CRH model, which allows for full compliance with Ford CETP 00.00 L 467, and Volvo VCS 1027,1449 test standards.

MetaStation – a new generation of torque rheometers from Brabender

The newly developed drive units in the MetaStation series from Brabender have a modular design, allowing to connect larger mixers and extruders via a docking station or on the mixer support plate. Test materials from numerous application areas with regard to their processing/plasticizing behavior, such as melting behavior, heat and shear stability, plasticizer absorption etc.