Stress relaxation test system for continuous measurement of rubber in either compression or tension

Do you want to know the estimated lifetime of your rubber materials, or compare the aging properties between different rubber materials? An effective way is to run tests with stress relaxation according to ISO 3384. We now offer a promotional price that gives about 20 % discount on lifetime estimation, see the fact box.

Elastocon web conference about material testing, 15-17 March 2022

Elastocon invites you to a web conference 15–17 March 2022, where speakers from the manufacturers of material testing equipment that we represent will give digital seminars.

MetaStation – a new generation of torque rheometers from Brabender

The newly developed drive units in the MetaStation series from Brabender have a modular design, allowing to connect larger mixers and extruders via a docking station or on the mixer support plate. Test materials from numerous application areas with regard to their processing/plasticizing behavior, such as melting behavior, heat and shear stability, plasticizer absorption etc.