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Fogging tester, EB 03

Fogging test is a procedure for determination of windscreen fogging.
Manufacturer: Elastocon AB

EB 03 and EB 03C
Equipment for determination of windscreen fogging in vehicles. The instrument has a compact design with both the heating bath and cooling bath integrated in one casing.

For cooling of the water bath, the instrument (EB 03) is normally connected to tap water of max 18 °C. If the tap water is to warm, a model with a built in cooling system with Peltier elements can be supplied (EB 03C).


To read the results different methods can be used. You can weigh the sample to determine the mass of condensable constituents (gravimetric method). You can also use a gloss meter for determination of fogging value.

For using of the gravimetric method you need a 5 decimal balance (ask us for a suitable option) and aluminium foil discs (EB 03.09).

For the use of a gloss meter you need a gloss meter (E0248.01).

Also other company specific methods can occur.

Following are included:

  • 2 pc temperature controllers, with 0,1 °C setpoint, and alarm
  • 2 pc solid state relays for safe control
  • 1 pc temperature sensor selector switch
  • 6 pc beakers according to ISO and DIN (EB 03.03)
  • 6 pc sealing rings of silicone rubber (EB 03.01)
  • 6 pc cooling plates
  • 2 sets of test glass (7 pc * 2 of EB 03.04) including one stand (EB 03.05)
  • 6 pc stainless steel rings for loading the samples
  • 6 pc aluminium rings for holding the beakers
  • 1 pc stainless steel stand for the beakers (in the hot bath)
  • 1 pc spirit level
  • 10 pc aluminium foil discs for gravimetric tests (EB 03.09)
  • 1 pc spacer of plastic film (EB 03.11)
  • 10 pc filter papers (EB 03.10)


Comply to standard: ISO 6452, SAE J1756 and other technically equivalent standards


We have several accessories and supplies, look under Other fogging accessories.

PDF-symbolDownload product specifications: Fogging Tester, EB 03.pdf

Watch our video about Fogging Tests

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