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Brittleness Tester, ET 05-II

For automatic determination of Brittleness point according to ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D746 and ASTM D2137.
Brittleness Tester ET 05-II
Manufacturer: Elastocon AB

Brittleness tester, ET 05-II, is used for automatic determination of Brittleness point according to ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D746 and ASTM D2137.

This method determines the lowest temperature at which rubber materials do not exhibit brittle failure when impacted under specified conditions.

The Elastocon Brittleness tester has 6 test stations, and the computer both controls the temperature and the measure the temperature at impact. The test rig is raised by pneumatic cylinders.

The brittleness tester is designed as a falling weight tester, where the speed is set by the height and the energy by the attached weights.

The speed is measured directly after the impact, to verify the speed loss during impact.

The result from each stroke is entered by typing the result in the software.

We recommend an automatic cooling system with liquid Nitrogen for the cooling.


Comply too following standards: ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D746 and ASTM D2137 and other technically equivalent standards.

Temperature range

-80 °C to +20 °C


Some of the ET 02 features and specifications:

  • The rig is raised with help of a pneumatic cylinder
  • Temperature controller with 0,1 °C set point
  • Solid state relay for safe control
  • Temperature sensor close to the samples
  • Run-time meter
  • User friendly software, EC 12


An automatic computerized Low Temperature Tester increases the precision up to 5 times. The capacity will also increase with about 50 % and not least the labour time will decrease about 75 %.

Table of Contents

  • ET 05-II
  • Computer
  • Software, EC 12
  • First years support agreement (includes among other things both advice for testing and technical issues and free software updates). Support agreement can after that be prolonged one year at time.

Optional accessories

ET 01.02 – Automatic cooling system with liquid Nitrogen, 60 lit bottle with wheels

ET 01.02.1 – If a bottle for Nitrogen already exist, you order this hose and controlling valve to be able to control the automatic cooling system (this article is included if ET 01.02 is purchased)

Support01F – support agreement following year, validity time 12 months, includes:

  • Free software updates
  • Free e-mail and phone support for both technical and testing questions.
  • "Remote control" over Internet for software updates and problem solving (if wanted).


PDF-symbolDownload product brochure: Low Temperature Testers.pdf

Watch our video about the Brittleness Tester

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