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Rotating knives, EP 03

The rotating knives are used for preparation of test specimens out of test sheets and finished products.
Manufacturer: Elastocon AB

Specimen rotating knives is used for preparation of test specimens for compression set, stress relaxation tests in compression and abrasion tests. The samples is cut out from test sheets or finished products.

The rotating knives are manufactured of a specially hardened steel. They are used in a stationary drilling machine, against a soft base material, the test material is lubricated with ethanol or propanol during the preparation of the samples.


EP 03-10- Rotating knife with diameter 10 mm

EP 03-13 – Rotating knife with diameter 13 mm (i.e. due to standard ISO 815)

EP 03-16 – Rotating knife with diameter 16 mm (i.e. due to standard ISO 4649)

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